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Canvassing for United with Labour

The canvass on Sunday 1st June will be at 1.30. We will be meeting at Carnbroe Primary School, Kirkton Crescent
Coatbridge, ML5 4SU. We will be using United with Labour materials and any information collected will go to the Local Labour Party.

We can arrange transport from Glasgow City Centre if anyone requires it.


EVENT: Yes to Socialism – No to separatism

Scottish Communists public meeting: Yes to Socialism – No to separatism

When: Wed 19 Feb 2014 19.00 PM hours

Where: Partick Burgh Halls, Burgh Street, Glasgow, G11 5LW

Martyn Cook from Socialism First.
Pauline Bryan as a Red Paper Speaker.
CP speaker (TBC)

EVENT: A Radical Yes or a Radical No?

A Left debate on the future of Scotland.

Speakers: Pauline Bryan, Secretary of the Campaign for Socialism and member of the Red Paper Collective, for No and Robin McAlpine of the Radical Independence Campaign and Jimmy Reid Foundation, for Yes.

Blantyre Miners Welfare, 7pm, Wednesday 11 December 2013.

A Lanarkshire Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group event.

Class, Nation and Socialism – The Red Paper 2014

Published today: Class, Nation and Socialism – The Red Paper 2014

red paper ISBN 978-1-905-86668-7
Glasgow Caledonian University Archives
Available by post from Scottish Centre for Wo Based Learning, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow G4 0BA £11.00 including postage payable to ‘The Red Paper Collective’.
Also available in Waterstone’s

“This book is such an important contribution to renewing a crisis-ridden left. The outcome of the current debate in Scottish politics has clear ramifications in Britain and elsewhere.”
Owen Jones

This book is not only of importance in Scotland, it is vital reading for anyone in the UK who seeks social justice and the transformation of our society.

It is the product of two years of discussion, research and campaigning by the Red Paper Collective.

A group that is more interested in the politics of class than the politics of nationalism and in social and economic change rather than constitutional change. Made up of trade unionists, academics and politics activists; they have sought to provide a labour movement alternative to the sterile nationalist v unionist debate around the referendum and explore the issues they consider to have been neglected.

For example, they question whether the Scottish Parliament has made use of the powers it currently has for the benefit of working people; they explore where power really lies, and how it can be put in the hands of working people and whether the Scottish Parliament should enjoy enhanced powers, which would both enable a challenge to the growing scandals of poverty and inequality while still retaining the historic link with working people across the UK.

The Red Paper Collective argue that the real problems facing people in Scotland is not to be found in a flag, a border or even a list of powers in Edinburgh and London, they have challenged the main players to make clear why they want more powers and what they will do the powers they have.

Pauline Bryan and Tommy Kane

Stephen Boyd
Katy Clark MP
Chik Collins
David Conway
Matthew Crighton
Jackson Cullinane
Neil Findlay MSP
Rozanne Foyer
John Foster
James Gillies
Lynn Henderson
Muir Houston
Richard Leonard
Kevin Lindsay
Stephen Low
Alan Mackinnon
Vince Mills
Dave Moxham
Gordon Munro
David Shaw
Eric Shaw
Stephen Smellie
Dave Watson

Book launch: Scotland’s Road to Socialism

From the Scottish Left Review:

Scotland's Road to Socialism

Scotland’s Road to Socialism

Join us for the launch events for Scotland’s Road to Socialism – in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee

Wednesday 8 May, 6.00 to 7.30pm, Stand Comedy Club, 5 York Place

With Gregor Gall (editor), Neil Findlay (contributor) and Colin Fox (contributor)

Thursday 9 May, 6.00 to 7.30pm, Stand Comedy Club, 333 Woodlands Road

With Gregor Gall (editor), Maggie Chetty (contributor) and Dave Watson (contributor)

Details to be confirmed


It would be helpful if you emailed us that you intended attending –