The flourish of a constitutionalist’s pen is no solution to the Westminster-centric neo-liberal consensus

CfS’ Mike Cowley’s response to John Harris.

 (Published in The Guardian, 28th November, 2013)


John Harris (If I were Scottish I’d grab the chance of independence, The Guardian – 25th November)* identifies the problem, but then optimistically posits the flourish of a constitutionalist’s pen as the solution to the Westminster-centric neoliberal consensus he rightly deplores. But as Grangemouth so clearly exposes, globalised capital remains indifferent to national borders. When all that is solid has melted into air – and the Transatlantic Trades and Investment Partnership adopts a global outlook which the most devout internationalist might be proud of – it is only by exercising equivalent muscle in the form of collective state regulation and democratic control that we can resist the corporate drive to commodify every corner of our lives, whatever our nationalities.


The alliances which might challenge the dominance of corporate power around the world do not as yet exist in Scotland, so claims that it provides terrain for a different settlement are overstated. It is ironic also that on the other side of the debate, the state levers referred to by the United with Labour campaign are precisely those which the last government proved so reluctant to deploy, and for this government are a democratic impediment to profit maximisation.

Mike CowleyScottish Labour Campaign for Socialism


 *John Harris’ orignial article:

For an extended article by Mike Cowley on Grangemouth

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