Scottish Labour Left says nationalise Ineos

Press Release on Behalf of the Campaign for Socialism for Immediate Use

Scottish Labour Left says nationalise Ineos

The Campaign for Socialism* convenor Elaine Smith MSP said “Ineos have behaved disgracefully throughout this dispute. Workers in the plant have been threatened, bullied and now, finally, told they are being fired, all because they refused to accept an unjustified attack on their wages and working conditions. The loss of income will impact directly on those who have lost their jobs, but also in the local community in Grangemouth, where much of the money was spent. The ripple effect of this closure will be felt for a generation.

There have been plain untruths spread by Ineos to try and deflect from their real agenda, and instead have tried to attack Unite the Union who have mass support on the site. Initially, the role of Stephen Deans and the dispute in Falkirk was employed to try and provoke confrontation. Stephen was completely exonerated by both the Labour Party and the police after the matter was investigated. Ineos have also employed dubious accountancy practices to try and claim that the plant isn’t profitable. This is simply not true as work commissioned by Unite has suggested that not only is the plant profitable, but that Ineos have been avoiding paying tax in the UK .

This site is too important a resource to Scotland and the wider economy. The SNP appear to be looking for a buyer to take the plant over without considering the possibility that the government itself could do this. We therefore call for the government – be it at Westminster or Holyrood – to act immediately and take Grangemouth in to public ownership. It is only by democratic ownership that we can ensure that this vital public resource is run for the benefit of those who work there and for those who rely on its oil throughout the country. We also call on the Scottish and British Labour Parties to support this demand.”


For further information please call:
Paul McFarlane Secretary on: 0780 085 1638
Vince Mills, Chairperson: 0781 461 5224
Stephen Low: 0795 685 2822


*The Campaign for Socialism was set up in 1994 to campaign against the removal of clause 4 from the Labour Party’s constitution. Since then it has campaigned for democratic renewal and socialist policies for Scottish Labour through events and its journal, The Citizen. It is currently heavily involved in promoting the people’s Charter and campaigning against the bedroom tax. Its convener is Elaine Smith MSP.


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