Press Release on Ed Miliband’s Speech

Press Release on Behalf of the Campaign for Socialism for Immediate Use

Today Ed Miliband put forward several proposals in a major speech on the relationship between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions. The link between these organisations is almost unique in western society in terms of its historical significance and its achievements. Being able to change and adapt is vital in a shifting economy, and, in particular, an economy beset by a radical project of austerity from a Conservative-led government. Recognising the need for change and successfully navigating it, while also maintaining that significant link, is a sign of strength within the Labour movement.

Labour Left welcome call for Trade Union members to get involved with party

A spokesperson from Campaign for Socialism*, said:

“We welcome Ed Milibands’s call for Trade union members to get actively involved in the Labour Party – we look forward to campaigning with him to encourage just that. As well as this it is important that unions who are part of the Labour Party maintain their capacity to participate as organisations. We know that almost all Labour party members want us to keep the link with unions as now more than ever we need a broad-based, grass-roots campaign to fight back against austerity.”

“Sadly Mr Miliband linked a call for more participative and open politics with events in Falkirk. If Ed is going to use Falkirk as an example of anything he should, as Unite and local party members are urging, release the report into events there.”

Warn that primaries a danger to the open participative politics that Ed Miliband wants

“It’s disappointing that on the day Ed Miliband urges union members to get active in the party he announces that he wants to see Primaries which would make party membership redundant. This announcement about Primaries is actually a step away from the open participative politics that Ed Miliband calls for. These would take the vital decisions about who our candidates are out of the hands of those who do participate (giving, time, energy and commitment to Labour) and put it in the hands of whoever has the backer with the most amount of money or is friends with Rupert Murdoch”


For further informaation please call:

Stephen Low, Campaign for Socialism Member – 07956852822

Martyn Cook, Campaign for Socialism Member – 07827962960


The Campaign for Socialism was set up in 1994 to campaign against the removal of clause 4 from the Labour Party’s constitution. Since then it has campaigned for democratic renewal and socialist policies for Scottish Labour through events and its journal, The Citizen. It is currently heavily involved in promoting the people’s Charter and campaigning against the bedroom tax. Its convener is Elaine Smith MSP.


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